The Menu at Harry's Taverna is authentically Greek and very diverse. At Harry's you will certainly find something to tantalize your palate at a price you can afford. From a vast array of starters, to traditional Greek dishes; from traditionally grilled meats to a variety of sea foods, the menu at Harry's is sure to please!

A sampling of tasty starters for you to choose from...

Tzatziki (a longtime favourite)
Taramasalata (fish row salad)
Saganaki (fried cheese)
Fried Squid
Grilled Octopus
Grilled Mushrooms
Fried courgettes


Greek salad
Chef' salad
Shrimp salad
Sea food salad
Mussel salad


Spaghetti Bolognaise
Spaghetti Napolitano
Spaghetti with tuna
Spaghetti Carbonara

Sea Food...

Prawns on the grill
Prawns saganaki
Grilled Kalamari
Sea Bream

From the grill...

Pork soublaki
Chicken souvlaki
Beef steak
Lamb chops
Pork Gyros
Filet Mignon
Fillet steak
Pepper steal

Greek Specialties...

Mousaka (potatoes, aubergines, minced meat, bechamel)
Pastitsio (noodles, minced meat, bechamel)
Sountzoukakia (meat balls in tomato garlic sauce)
Giouvarlakia (meat balls in white lemon sauce)
Sofrito (beef in white wine sauce)
Stifado (beef in red wine sauce with fresh onions)
Pastitsada (beef in red wine and tomato sauce with Corfu pasta)
Kleftiko (Lamb in mustard sauce with oniuons on silver paper from the grill)


Apple pie
Ice creams
Yogurt with honey

Harry' Taverna also offers coffees, teas, soft drinks, mineral waters and orange juice.
House wines and a variety of bottled wines are available for your enjoyment, and a full bar is always stocked with your favourite aperatifs, spirits and after dinner drinks.

Harry's Taverna - Kontokali, Corfu, Greece - Established 1912

Telephone: +30 26610 91814
Harry's Taverna - Kontokali, Corfu, Greece - Established 1912
Traditional Greek Specilaties, fresh fish, tasty starters
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